Some incredible diving saves from a training session with my keeper trainer Luis during the summer of 2012. One drill was diving up and over the string betwe…

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  • Alex Pastor 3 years ago

    Thanks for watching everyone! As Samuel Escobar noted below, my video just
    took first place in one of Freekickerz videos. Thanks for all the support!

  • Jose Solano 3 years ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what a save

  • Usamah Mahmood 3 years ago

    This guy is really good, he can leap much farther than me, I want to learn
    how to dive that far, I’m already comfortable catching it and landing, its
    just when I dive I don’t go as far

  • Walter Asencios 3 years ago


  • bradley braxton 3 years ago

    FUCKING hell aré u in an a academy

  • JEL 94 3 years ago

    i hope to be as good as this :D 

  • Rishabh Govila 3 years ago

    Dont u think the fall can injure him
    Coz while falling ur hands shud be straight up so that the elbow doesnt
    hurt ur ribs

  • Deversick 3 years ago


  • Amir Kadic 3 years ago

    He dont know to goalkeep

  • Angelo Aranda 3 years ago

    your a good goalkeeper

  • samuel escobar 3 years ago


    Congratulations on first place on freekickerz goalie saves video

  • Eddie Macias 3 years ago

    He is already going to the place the ball will go so i don’t think he is
    too good

  • Daniel Tooke 3 years ago

    If he knows where he is shooting it’s not that hard.

  • Bram Brichau 3 years ago

    although he is very good, he has a great dive on him, you can tell the
    comments from the guys who actually know what a goalkeeper has to do, a lot
    of the shots he gets both hands to, if he can get both hands to the shot
    which is clearly not a powerful shot then he should be catching them :)
    regardless however for an U17 goalkeeper, he is very good. One must also
    remember these are the best saves accumulated into a video :)

  • ChoomBie 3 years ago

    This guy has got training,i hsve never paractised and i can still catch
    those kind of goals

  • Soap Mactavish 3 years ago

    This Guy Should Play For AC Millan

  • Dave Slamacow 3 years ago

    *saves* “Agh nice wan”
    *saves again* “Agh gud save”

    Lol best save reaction ever.

  • xXxConfusedGamerxXx 3 years ago

    Hey I live in Norway. I am really interested in goalkeeping, but I am
    having a very hard time with the landing. I try to roll over when diving
    but then I always misses the ball and don’t dive very far. I like to land
    on my side but that does hurt a bit. Haven’t got any big injures yet. I’m
    13 years old and I wonder the best way to learn how to do the roll over
    technique. Do you have any tips? and i have tried to join the goalkeeper
    academy here where I live, but my older brother that is playing soccer says
    it is for experienced goalkeepers. When I play goalkeeper at school or when
    playing with friends and I know the basics does that count as
    “experienced”? Do I have to join a team or club first before joining the
    goalkeeper academy? If I play in a normal team where I live do I get placed
    as a goalie right away or do I have to play the position that my coach
    says? I have contacted him and he said I could practice with the team on
    Monday, but I am only interested in playing goalkeeper. I have heard that
    the goalkeeper academy in only for “goalies that want more focus on
    goalkeeper training. Any tips or answers would be really appreciated. Thank

  • Cian Donegan 3 years ago

    Stop using the wrong hand.

  • iden moghangard 3 years ago

    agh nice one

  • TheSaggy Paggy 3 years ago

    He’s good :P 

  • erris1799 3 years ago


  • Noah Weinberg 3 years ago

    Aaahhhh nice one, keep it up buddy. 

  • ProutProutCacaXx 3 years ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah nice one

  • Carson Games 3 years ago

    Not quick feet!