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  • SumoNinja 3 years ago

    He seems like a bit of a dick to me, just saying. And don’t start shit up
    just because he is disabled, disabled people can be dicks too.

  • gusdahlehhater 3 years ago

    He can do anything any other kid can do…except, of course, for waving,
    shaking hands, slapping five, clapping, push-ups, chin-ups, handstands,
    picking is nose, pointing at anything, etc…BUT HE’S JUST LIKE EVERYONE

  • Cody White 3 years ago

    If I was a return man and broke one, id truck that little fucker.

  • Admiral Nuclear 3 years ago

    he should play qb for the browns. surely he has to be better than hoyer

  • sharpemang 3 years ago

    I think he should consider playing soccer or stick to kicking things. You
    don’t need arms to play soccer. Unless this kid really wants to go crazy
    and be a goalie. 

  • Rodrigo Campos 3 years ago

    I dont think you can kick at a professional level without arms
    you cant even run properly
    plus,his idea on being a defensive line man is pretty dumb
    At last.the kids on the other team,on his onside kick,do they know how to
    catch a ball ?

  • rmossish 3 years ago

    Some of his dreams seem to be a little out of arms reach. 

  • Im Crony 3 years ago

    His kicks are terrible…

  • Doug Quaid 3 years ago

    id knock his fucken head of his fucken shoulders 

  • tEslaedit 3 years ago

    This is a nice video and I give props to the kid, but someone has to tell
    him reality. An NFL team can find someone who can kick as well as he can,
    but has arms and can tackle better

  • RailFannerFlorida 3 years ago

    I don’t know why videos like this get so many bad comments and stupid
    people… They are just ignorant, immature, wannabe’s that wish they were
    something good. If the kid wants to go to the NFL, let the kid have a
    dream. You never know, he might go. If he looks funny when he runs, at
    least he’s on a high school football team. The list goes on and on!

  • Erasmus 3 years ago

    I hate to spoil the good feelings, but I really doubt he’ll be able to
    succeed at higher levels. Kicking anything a great distance requires
    momentum and balance in the upper body as well as leg strength. This
    balance and forward momentum normally is provided by the arms. This kid,
    while a truly amazing story, probably won’t get past high school, since
    only those with the longest kicking distances and the longest hang time can
    make it in college.

  • Shaun Kipp 3 years ago

    This kids kicking sucks, lmao.

  • ItsaOtakuThing 3 years ago

    if you are a little bit autistic and playing football that is except able
    but this is just dangerous. their will be at least one player that will not
    care if you have no arms and go out and demolish you. And he obviously
    doesnt play i mean hes their all star onside kicker, they obviously used
    him for this news story and got him back on the sidlines 

  • Richard Buhalo 3 years ago

    lot of comments on here about the kid being “cocky” or “douchy” or somthing
    along those lines. Whats really sad is that the fact is that anytime a man
    (or young man in this case) speaks his mind, talks about what he wants and
    how he’s going to get it, and shows that he doesn’t give a shit what others
    think, and is full of integrity and confidence, is nowadays labeled as a
    “dick” or an “asshole”. Also anytime a women does this, then she’s a
    “bitch” or she’s “crazy”. You people need to wake up. Go for what you want
    in life, tell it like it is, and if you hurt anyone’s feelings, OH FUCKING
    WELL! Don’t stop yourself from being strong just to appease the weak. 

  • theblueflag 3 years ago

    This kid is a dickhead.. its cool to be independent but you can’t seriously
    expect to be 100% independent in a world that is set up for people with
    arms and hands

  • Rich L 3 years ago

    Typical irritating human interest story. Let’s face it, the kid comes off
    as a douche. I know he’s been through shit but if he wants to be treated
    regular than there you go. I doubt the reporter even buys into it. What I
    don’t get is if the mom knew “Before he was born” why did she have him? Is
    she crazy or she found out too late to abort him? And she claims she gave
    him the gift of independence…fuck’s sake. Just because you don’t care
    about romance doesn’t mean your son won’t also.

  • jussikol1 3 years ago

    They dont have to let you through, and yes they can sit on you. Its called
    a pancake block. Id like to see you try to crawl under the legs of an
    offensive lineman. Sorry but it aint happening. 

  • Ryan Moses 3 years ago

    No offense, but those onside kicks are horrid. 

  • John Walker 3 years ago

    At the gym, everyday is leg day.

  • RealScience 3 years ago

    I’d smash him 

  • mattpez4president 3 years ago

    He does realize if he crawled under me, I could just fall on him and the
    refs won’t call it. Plus you block by putting your hands on his chest, so
    not having arms would make my life so easier 

  • jeanious2009 3 years ago

    I pity the fool who pity this fool LOL!!

  • Dominic Dalcerro 3 years ago

    I think he can be a nfl wide receiver, he might even be better thank Odell
    Beckem jr

  • Bert Palmetier 3 years ago

    You can do eny thing through jesus how. Dewells in you