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  • Max Zegarra 3 years ago

    Kobe dick riders needa watch this

  • Mack Mitchell 3 years ago

    AI is 6 feet tall and Kobe is 6’6. Allen Iverson was playing the SG
    position that game, same as Kobe. AI kicked his ass 

  • RayMagic12192 3 years ago

    Shaq was just too dominant for the 76ers. A.I. schooled Kobe in this
    series. Kobe was lucky to have shaq, because he could not fuck with A.I.
    This series really shows how much shaq carried kobe to championships most
    of the time during their 3 peat. If A.I. had shaq he would have won. Kobe
    was in for the ride this series, because Shaq carried that team.
    SHAQ finals mvp every championship with kobe (2000-2002). That is one
    thing people need to take into consideration regarding kobe’s legacy. rings
    don’t mean everything, it’s how they are won.

  • dlawson688 3 years ago

    shaq was crazy powerful. kobe was lucky he was on that team. if AI had had
    Shaq, they would have won 5 championships because he would throw lobs to
    shaq all game long.

  • biggonyou 3 years ago

    had to be beautiful to witness such a memorable game live.

  • leon scott 3 years ago

    ai was a freak athlete. He could have taken up a career as a multi event

  • Wise Teller 3 years ago

    That was such a dope era! those finals, the whole court atmosphere was so
    damn dope

  • MC CABE 3 years ago

    Man Iverson was 1 of the Best in the NBA why the hell they kicked him out!?

  • Mega Tron 3 years ago

    LOL 8:36.

  • milloselmejor 3 years ago

    all of that without practice. 

  • SoonKyu515 3 years ago

    thank you AI.! Congratulations to your jersey retirement tonight! gonna
    miss you forever

  • WeFreestyleForever 3 years ago

    10:31 Shaq is unstoppable on the block.

  • kiikiikhan 3 years ago

    Try running like this in Converse shoes:) Just don’t hurt yourself:) Old
    timers would kick ass in modern footwear and decent shorts:)

  • David Keller 3 years ago

    3:11-3:28 Iverson was a Warrior bruh 

  • Fuck to Shack video…

  • Keith Jones 3 years ago

    Unbelieveable, I remember that game. A player has a game like that once in
    a great while where the basket is like a ocean and everything you shoot
    goes in. Iverson is or was the best little man to play the game, bar none!

  • KevinKolbGOAT 3 years ago

    15:08 lol

  • Lakers Nation 3 years ago

    On this date in 2001, Shaquille O’Neal scored 44 points while Allen Iverson
    posted 48 points in a Lakers’ overtime loss to the 76ers in Game 1 of the
    2001 Finals, which was just the second time in Finals history that two
    opposing players posted 40+ points in the same game.

    COMMENT: What is your favorite Shaq moment during his time as a Laker?

  • Hashim Warren 3 years ago

    One of the most amazing finals games I’ve personally seen

  • WeFreestyleForever 3 years ago

    5:03 Kobe yelling oh! and looking at the ref. Dude you just got ripped,
    quit trying to get a pussy bullshit foul call because of your name.

  • kiikiikhan 3 years ago

    Iverson is a top 5 player of his era. At least top 5. Very underrated.

  • Kobby is shit!!!!

  • Bcarde8 3 years ago

    How many rings do A.I. got??? Uhhhhh… ZERO!!!! Goodnite!! #lakers4life

  • Kirch21x 3 years ago

    NBA is so epic 

  • Joshua Han 3 years ago

    This game scared me to death! Luckily there was game 2 to make up for this
    game where shaq had a near quadruple double! This and game 6 of 08 finals
    are the two worst finals games I have watched as a laker fan!