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  • Gadgetdee1 4 years ago

    When Karceno’s went off, how many people reached for their phone ?

  • TormentaBoxing 4 years ago

    It’s midnight, can’t sleep. Just cleaned did a whole cleaning sessions
    while listening to this video. Thanks Karceno lol

  • RealizniguhNit 4 years ago

    Not too small but too short..

  • HorseRancher92 4 years ago

    This was great

  • Karceno4Life 4 years ago

    yes for android and Iphone and it’s free

  • sandrorue9proto 4 years ago

    Karceno, does boxing socialist have a phone app?

  • JWCFIGHTFAN 4 years ago

    People have to demand fights with their wallet, not just talking online.
    You can’t stream every PPV Tim Bradley is in never buy a ticket to any of
    his fights (if you’re in the area) then make a video talking about he
    should get a shot at Mayweather. This is why Mexicans and Mexican Americans
    get their fights because they pay for fights. Seems like fans of
    Black-Americans are content to steal and stream then get online and talk

  • Shinobi Magos 4 years ago

    fuck Canelo-Ortiz ,If Canelo wants to be great he has to fight a 154lb
    fighter ! Erislandy Lara , fuck it at least EL Perro ! Martirosyan , K9 ,

  • sandrorue9proto 4 years ago

    Yeah I agree wit u Ceno ppl needa realize that Floyd is at the stage where
    hes not only a business man for himself but for the network, he needs to
    fight ppl who can sell

  • sandrorue9proto 4 years ago

    wow I didnt knw you help put fights together, thats wassup Karceno… Ceno
    since you got alot of the dirt on behimd the scenes, can u tell how likely
    it is that Ortiz will fight Floyd next year? Is it true that the Molina
    fight is a potential setup for a unificatiom bout between Floyd and Ortiz
    im the Jr middleweight division. The promotion for that fight would be
    crazy! Those two fuckin hate each other lol

  • MexicoNativeAmerican 4 years ago

    Good vid. Yep, Alvarez vs Ortiz would be awesome.

  • Haplotype0 4 years ago

    Good info

  • charles batten 4 years ago

    karceno these ppl think u don’t work u just sit in your room all day and
    make video for ur health.

  • James Canlas 4 years ago

    if not Bradley, i hope Floyd and Golden Boy to make fights with guy like
    Lara/Trout or any contenders out there, i don’t like how this belts are
    held hostage for fighters who deserves it but they don’t get a shot because
    they’re not a big name and won’t sell, for me that’s a bunch of crap

  • SoreWinner01 4 years ago

    Thanks for this vid Karceno

  • philip casimir 4 years ago

    Berto too small for both 154 and 147. 154 Will be suicide

  • Heartless409 4 years ago

    erislandy lara will KO austin trout, trout is overated the best person
    trout fought before cotto was delvin rodriquez.

  • Heartless409 4 years ago

    karceno raymundo beltran was robbed against burns not fernando!!!

  • ktmpl 4 years ago

    Question…if Arum has no issue w/May-Brad, then why doesn’t he endorse

  • mstacks85 4 years ago

    i personally like the longer vids…personally, but thats just me tho

  • dontizzle805 4 years ago

    What welterweights has Floyd fought recently Guerrero Ortiz Mosley

  • MrJohnny583 4 years ago

    Damn Karceno this is the longest video you’ve ever made that I can
    remember. It’s time for me to sleep!