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  • EKLERE TA 4 years ago

    Haïti represent….

  • donkeykongcoin 4 years ago

    Like it or not BUT there is no doubts that world light heavyweight champion
    Adonis Stevenson is the fighter of the year 2013. Why? Well look at “this
    years” achivments: 1# In Mars 22, Stevenson knocked-out Darnell Boone and
    avanged his only loss to date 2# In May 8, stevenson at age 35 not only
    becomes new world light heavyweight champion, he destroyed the 2-time
    champion “Bad” Chad Dawson by KO him in 1st round after just 1:44 minutes
    of boxing. 3#, 3 months later on September 28, Stevenson makes his 1st
    world title defence against previusly undefeated light heavyweight world
    champion and hard hitter Tavoris “Thunder” Cloud and dominates the stronger
    challanger to stop him in the 7th round. 4# The final reason, as on
    November 30, Stevenson makes his second world title defence in just 6
    months and not just winning, he both out-boxes and crushes the WBC Nr.1#
    contender and ex Brittish & Commonwealthchampion Tony Bellow for 6 rounds
    before taking the challanger out. 4 top fights in one year at age 35 is
    what I call a great achivment and there are no other top fighter who have
    done more to get that award then Stevenson in 2013.

  • maxime morin 4 years ago

    Adonis is a very consistant boxer. He has lightning reflexes and tons of
    acurate power with both hands. Acuracy with his thumb in the eyes as well :P

    I think he would give Hopkins a much bigger threath than Pascal did.
    Unfortunately Hopkins knows this and will never give the man a chance.

    My wish for 2014 is a KO win againts Carl Froch which has a granite jaw

  • charlie boxer 4 years ago

    this guy has got the most lethal straight left in boxing no doubt about

  • Walter Vogel 4 years ago

    He will be KOed by Kovalev , easely .

  • diiimpz 4 years ago

    the commentry great lool

  • dantecry12 4 years ago

    adonis kinda fights like rigondeaux the way he throws his left hand