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  • tictactongue 4 years ago

    you’re just a bitch. quit talking. quit making videos. PUNK ASS. lol btw,
    you should borrow some money from 50, so you can buy a BETTER MICROPHONE.

  • Raheem Brown 4 years ago

    And they say his music career is dead

  • Raheem Brown 4 years ago

    How you going tell a nigga that has way more money then you what to do and
    it fun how he get million of views on youtube alone by his music

  • bigknuckle1 4 years ago

    50 will crush TMT.

  • Raheem Brown 4 years ago

    done that but wayne

  • PresidentCarterIII 4 years ago

    Preach my nigga, BOOM!

  • PresidentCarterIII 4 years ago

    You talking about the same ex cop who is getting chased out of cities by
    gangster disciples? You talking the same ex cop who is canceling shows due
    to gang threats? You talking the same ex cop who was dropped by Reebok
    because of him making songs about putting molly in bitches drinks? You
    talking about the same ex cop who gets his car shot up in his own city?
    That ex cop? NIGGA BOOM!!!

  • 7mileRook1 4 years ago

    See this nigga is acting like a scorned woman move on fifty you rode the
    ride cause you ain’t made good music since your first album

  • itsCONTROVERSY 4 years ago

    frankie gomez just turned down 50 cent too. 50 just needs to sign someone
    hot. we know hes got money. didnt he get 200 mil just from vitamin water?

  • thecloser913 4 years ago

    His music is garbage

  • Tracy McGrady 4 years ago

    your an absolute idiot…hes making alotta money with SMS promotions. yeah
    it is not even close to golden boy BUT he will try. and hahahah 50 Cent
    raised the 200 million for all those fighters like Gamboa, Floyd did not
    pay up so they split. stop spreading this stupid shit, 50 is worth 350
    million and growing. he may not become the best boxing promoter but as long
    as hes making a profit he will be good. and his music is dope so shut up.

  • TherealArabKING 4 years ago

    Shut up 50 cent all day

  • Nyeusi Nafsi 4 years ago

    well to be real it is. no one i know of wants to hear 50 cent and thats
    just bein’ real he got put out the game by a fuckin’ fraud ass ex-cop he
    cant really “rap” to be real as well he’s “witty” with the wordplay and his
    first album really sold bc of production, image, and hype, and mystery
    without the co-signs from dr dre that white boy eminem and his beef with ja
    rule he wouldnt have been relevant in any form

  • Raheem Brown 4 years ago

    So your wrong about the hype and his 3 cd sold over a million copys and
    that with out Dre

  • GreedyGrove2011 4 years ago

    Lol but yet 50 has millions of views on each video he drops his music is
    better than the radio be honest the crap you hear now would never exist in
    2003 when fif first came out the guy speaking in this video obviously has
    personal issues maybe insecure but he has the energy to hate on someone.
    Quit hating and let the man do what he does. Hate it or love it.

  • yaiqab 4 years ago

    He’s making money with SMS Promotions off who? He has no big name fighters
    and he’s basically a subsidiary of TOP RANK. That is why Gamboa fought on
    Pacquiao’s card last December. Mayweather and 50 Cent split because 50 Cent
    made business moves without first speaking with Mayweather, and 50 Cent was
    trying to replace Al Haymon as Floyd’s business manager. 50 Cent has not
    been relevant as a rapper in almost 10 years.

  • P Akpata 4 years ago


  • southstaronline 4 years ago


  • BlockTalkSports 4 years ago

    Karceno is cool man,He not hating just his opinion

  • Hamburger247 4 years ago

    Real shit Ceno

  • 50 Cent still knows how to make money despite the struggling rap career now
    but he picked the wrong side, he should have gotten in good with Al Haymon,
    maybe worked together with him to provide him with some fighters for his
    promotion and to Manager his fighters instead of trying to go work with Al
    Haymon and Top Rank It has been a struggle just to get his fighters on TV
    and that sucks because Dirrell and Gamboa are talented, need to try and
    squash things with Mayweather

  • MrJohnny583 4 years ago

    I said it before, 50 is destined to fail in the boxing business.

  • Reece .S 4 years ago

    He should work with Don King or Kalle Sauerland and Universum in Germany Or
    Gary Shaw even

  • 2pacexpert 4 years ago

    50 needs to sign Leon Spinks The III

  • ajp135212 4 years ago

    I still listen to his old stuff when he was a hungry rapper. he was very