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  • Troy Nguyen 3 years ago

    Beauty got beaten by the big bad burly bellowing Beast..

    #simona #no #1

  • Madan Mohan 3 years ago

    Ha ha, Serena was determined to bagel Halep and Halep couldn’t possibly
    stop her. After her “I am not scared of Serena” barb, Halep seemed almost
    embarrassed at the handshake. 

  • Vladimir Stanescu 3 years ago

    When Serena loses – bad day, bad play, fluke. Or wrong cocktail, like in
    Wimbly doubles ?
    When Serena wins – best female… sorry, best player in the Universe.
    In a world of retarded clueless tennis fans (they are finding hard to learn
    something about the sport they pretend to love),
    few will see that Simona played exceptionally in the Round Robin against SW
    and DID NOT PLAY AT ALL in the final,
    after she failed to consolidate her break. Maybe her panties dropped at the
    thought that she would beat the bully again,
    maybe the bulldoser’s tactics of intimidation worked, I don’t know.
    I know most of the retarded inbreds I saw here are very young though, so I
    will not reply to any comments on this topic.
    Those who still have some neurons remaining will watch again both matches
    and MAYBE will understand
    what I am trying to say.

  • Xavier Robinson 3 years ago

    100 mph return of serve. Lol save it for sharapova Serena

  • Franx K 3 years ago

    The greatest opponent to Serena Williams, is herself. In the Round Robin,
    Serena committed 80% of the errors, but of course i understand when Halep’s
    fans think that it was all Halep’s expertise that defeated Serena. In the
    finals today, the real Serena showed up, and Halep could just but watch
    helplessly as she was outdone in every point.

  • Xscap3 au revoir 3 years ago

    That return @ 3:15!!!!!!

  • Johnboy504 3 years ago

    Revenge is a dish best served COLD…! 

  • Troy Nguyen 3 years ago

    she can win titles
    but can she ever get a man?

    Answer: Hellzzzzzzz NO!

  • Vladimir Stanescu 3 years ago

    Simona is just a sweet talented little girl, too sweet for her own good.
    Had she “rested” in the match with Ana (let’s say 3-6, 3-6), she would had
    sent Serena shopping with Maria. But she proved she has the heart of a true
    It’s called sportsmanship and I am totally for it. Her fair play was, is
    and will always be totally wasted on Serena and his clueless fans though.

  • Troy Nguyen 3 years ago

    This final was proof of the effectiveness of drugs.
    60 62 became 36 06.

    Thanks to steroids!

  • zeat Deshon 3 years ago

    Take that Halep, and also take back the bagel. Revenge is sweet. 

  • Troy Nguyen 3 years ago


    #so #obvious 

  • Tennis19999 3 years ago

    The only one woman, who had a chance against serena on a good day, it was

  • zikra2003 3 years ago

    Really crushed her!!!

  • KL Tah 3 years ago

    She was like 6.5miI Kaching !

  • AnonymousArtist976 3 years ago

    Revenge is a cold stone bitch! Serena thrashed Halep lol

  • Ronald Regannie 3 years ago

    2013 Serena Williams is back, watch out WTA cuz she ready

  • Tennis19999 3 years ago

    Thats unfair. She is playing like a man.

  • Franx K 3 years ago

    To all Serena fans, whenever you encounter a racist, mean, and/or an evil
    comment about Serena, or blacks in general, flag it down as abusive
    comment, and mute the comments from the abusive user. That way, the racist,
    low live trolls can lack the forum to express hate towards hard working
    individuals. It’s 2014, let’s take a stand against racists!

  • Gregory TheRainMaker 3 years ago

    The Queen denied the unworthy ones …now they drown in their sea of salty
    tears…so good. 

  • krisman sitorus 3 years ago


  • tony roll 3 years ago

    Serena dedicated this title to Shamil Tarpischev. HOLLA!!!!

  • Lisa Corbett 3 years ago

    That was just a good-old fashion a$$ kicking. 

  • Sao Pooh 3 years ago

    Just as expected….

  • Favour Daka 3 years ago

    Right now I hope when Rena plays Alize she beats her 60 60