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  • Brandon NL 3 years ago

    Nascar is shit, Formula 1 all the way!

  • The Brick Psycho 3 years ago

    Reminds me of the movie “Cars”

  • MonkeysMotorsportsHD 3 years ago

    What A Job Of Jeff Gordon Getting Through That Wreck

  • James Ellison 3 years ago

    Love how Kyle responds: “Just having a good old time over here.”

  • Marco Salpietro 3 years ago

    Jeff did a good job missing it!

  • Commodore Corey 3 years ago

    They didn’t say a thing about Jeff Gordon and Brian Vickers getting through

  • Ali Hernandez 3 years ago

    1:35 the guy on the bottom left corner cheered when Kyle flipped over lol

  • erikese 3 years ago

    man Austin Dillon did an AMAZING job avoiding the crash takes skill and
    luck to do that and why didnt the commentators mention how gordon avoided
    the wreck

  • Revvin4Se7en 3 years ago

    Kahne loves creating the big ones

  • Jeff Rogers 3 years ago

    Never would have happended with the 2 car tango but then it wouldn’t be a
    show nascar is in the toilet 

  • ThomasWoodenRailway 3 years ago

    Honestly Kyle’s paint scheme was so ugly it was only fitting that the thing
    ended up on its roof.

  • Sky Warrior 3 years ago

    Such emotion out of the TNT announcers calling this huge wreck. Good
    fucking riddance

  • Works42 3 years ago

    Kyle Busch driving the #81 upside down Interstate Batteries Camry.XD

  • RowdyNascar18 3 years ago

    Everybody bitched when nascar had the “two-car tango”,so Nascar fixed it
    and now everybody is bitching about pack racing.

  • Kevin Valdez 3 years ago

    This crash happened right when I was about to leave for church.

  • thatguyonstage 3 years ago

    Never would have happened if Nascar didn’t throw that phantom debris
    caution. Fucking wwe on wheels.

  • theNERD1213 3 years ago

    15 car is extremely lucky it didnt flip end over end, could have been even

  • twhalen24 3 years ago

    Does anyone else get a flashback to the 2002 Aaron’s 312 +Talladega
    Superspeedway for the Busch race?

  • Matt Berry 3 years ago

    Still shocked the 15 didnt go rolling

  • Colton Ashley 3 years ago

    I can’t stand Adam Alexander’s voice.

  • Brock Beard 3 years ago

    Never noticed it before, but Austin Dillon did an AMAZING job getting
    through that wreck at 1:20.

  • Rob Rae 3 years ago

    i dont think Austin Dillon ever let off the throttle, he went days of
    thunder through that wreck and made it. Skill and luck made that happen. He
    saw Jamie Mac ramp the track tho, loved to of seen his eyes when he was
    goin through the wreck. they were either closed or wide as dinner plates 

  • Blaine Keyes 3 years ago

    The cause of the crash were drivers scrambling to get to halfway to make
    the race official, there was rain coming.

  • Cameron Batiste 3 years ago

    I think we’re all missing the fact that this was almost a single car crash.
    If there was an extra foot of room between Logano and Bowyer, Kahne
    would’ve just spun down to the inside wall. So close!

  • Joshua Kennedy 3 years ago

    TNT commentators are the worst ever they are horrible..:: they talk all
    over each other and barely make any damn sense can’t believe that’s the
    best Nascar can come up with WOW been a fan for 20 years I’d rather watch
    the race volume down MRN on the radio