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  • Gregory Johnson 3 years ago

    This years Daytona 500 was a long grueling race with Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    finally taking the checkered flag.

  • Damdni482 3 years ago

    2:35 How do you wreck your own teammate? I bet Newman didn’t say anything
    bad about him because Harvick already did last year, and Newman would loose
    his “New” ride.

  • Snowy Ghost13 3 years ago


  • alancavygaming 3 years ago

    2:45 :(

  • MrCathlicnun 3 years ago

    Austin Dillon spins everybody out

  • Ian Burke 3 years ago

    The first NASCAR race I ever watched. That was a close race. It was

  • BLUExEYEDxSLICKT 3 years ago

    Look at the Jr haters saying its fixed now that Jr wins lmao. Jr can go
    winless for years and you say he sucks and can’t win and then he dominates
    and earns a win like today and then you change tune and say its rigged. Jr
    haters are such jealous of Jr little cry babies I swear. Most Jr haters are
    brat kyle busch fans. Go eat some M&M’s in yo whine trailer! 

  • Nascar Gordon 3 years ago

    Great job Austin Dillon

  • Michael West 3 years ago

    Dale Earnhardt Jr took his first Daytona 500 victory since 2004 with cars
    colliding behind him as he led Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon and Brad
    Keselowski back to the start/finish line. Earnhardt took the victory in
    prime time under the lights after the longest rain delay in NASCAR history.
    If you didn’t catch the conclusion, here’s a 3 minute recap of the race
    from Fox sports.

    #Daytona500 #DaleEarnhardtJr #DaleJr #DennyHamlin #JeffGordon

  • BLUExEYEDxSLICKT 3 years ago

    2 time Daytona 500 champion baby! 

  • Nascar Gordon 3 years ago

    He took out half the field

  • King KS 3 years ago

    Great race. But please, someone give me a reason why that is one of the
    greatest Daytona 500. I’m still confused.

  • pettway2000 3 years ago

    Damn the 3 was a wrecking machine….

  • CnyAutofreak 3 years ago

    Let me Re-Phrase Mikes call here…. “Some crossed the line sliding through
    the grass, Dale Jr crossed the line WHOOPIN DAT

  • KaniacMonster 3 years ago

    What an amazing race!

  • kegan nielsen 3 years ago

    Jr. deserved a win he needs 1. I’m glad he won he’s one of my favorite

  • chiquilion 3 years ago

    Happy Jr won…pissed I missed the best part of the race!
    Rebroadcast…without the 6 hour rain delay??

  • Aaron McCall 3 years ago

    Best thing for me was I was there to see it live. First time I seen my
    driver win one in a live setting since Earnhardt Sr. won the Coca Cola 600
    in Charlotte back in the early 90′s.

  • Adam Coon 3 years ago

    Longest Rain Delayed Daytona 500 in history

  • 408punk 3 years ago

    the thing i hate about danica patrick is she always gets babied by the
    announcers. they always have to put in an extra sentence for her when shes
    never done anything that special talent wise. its so fucking annoying.
    trade her driving style and talent with a man and the go daddy car would
    never get talked about.

  • Chandler Taylor 3 years ago

    Thats my BOY!!! YEE YEE!!

  • James McAllister 3 years ago

    Wow what a way to represent the 3 car Dillon, to wreck half the field

  • 8Junebug8 3 years ago

    First of all, these guys were saying where that piece of tape was, it
    should not make a difference. Now DW is saying it is god sent? Tape or no
    tape Junior was hell-bent to win that race! He raced hard and deserves the
    credit. Kudos to Steve and the rest of the crew, also.

  • Paul fitch 3 years ago

    I think the Dayton 500 should be a night race after seeing last night.

  • Roberta Leonard 3 years ago

    Dannynad your mama shoulda got fixed