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  • Allen TKO 3 years ago

    i want bruce lee and his nunchuks here.

  • ben ramirez 3 years ago

    I’m 12 and I practice every day maybe one day I’ll be in one of your top
    shots montage! I love ping pong and a lot of people don’t respect it. I
    play baseball and I’m pretty good at that to and both are fast paced sports
    baseball might not look like a fast paced sport but if you play its a lot
    harder than it looks. I’m an all-star in baseball for my team and I lobe
    baseball and ping pong more than any sport!

  • CSGaming2Bob 3 years ago

    How do they even….

  • Wilton Bethel 3 years ago

    Those who think TT isn’t a sport have never truly played it at a high

  • Seppo Kepponen 3 years ago

    I really don’t understand how table tennis is not a bigger sport globally.
    It’s very entertaining to watch and also play. Even if you’re not a master
    it’s so much fun to play.

  • SweetSpot909 3 years ago

    these guys must beat away the women. 

  • Kuba Juszko 3 years ago

    1:08. Name, title or something please. i want know the name of this

  • Graça Antunes 3 years ago

    o numero 1 esta muito boss

  • Vat19Nvjds 3 years ago

    These shots are crazy! Me and my friend spend like 3 hours a day playing
    ping pong and we think a rally of 3 at HALF this speed is good lol

  • Timothy Katsumoto 3 years ago

    why do professionals play so far away from the table?

  • 3rd Eye of the Tiger 3 years ago

    My prediction for 2015: Pretty much everyone is going to stay static in
    skill level so the only thing changing their outcome is the chance of
    randomness like luck and uncontrollable variables like minor
    windresistance, drafts, etc. Alamiyan on the other hand will improve bc he
    still has much to work on technique which is a good thing bc he is already
    top 10. If he got better, which is definitely possible, he will come out on
    top. Sadly enough, Ma Lin is entering the inevitable decline stage which
    may perhaps happen in 2015 with a gradual decrease in reflexes then
    dramatically within 3-5 years (starting 2015 tournament).

  • dhobbs562 3 years ago

    I’m a tennis player, and seeing all these crazy shots just BOGGLES my mind!
    I’d understand if they were playing on a bigger court with bigger
    racquets(I know those are called paddles in table tennis). But this is

  • Lou Morell 3 years ago

    WTF ils sont trop fort moi j en fait en clubs depuis 4 mois et j ai réussi
    à être 2 ème en départementale

  • НИКИТА собянин 3 years ago

    ебать они долбяться))))

  • drecksgo ogle 3 years ago

    5:23 no disrespect tho, but gotta love the look on Ma Lin’s face.

  • justin hurst 3 years ago

    “Ma Long vs. Wang Hao” lol

  • The Crack Addict 3 years ago

    5:20 – das Gesicht des Chinesen. The Look on the Face. Priceless. :)

  • ImBoyD20 (TIAGO) 3 years ago

    Number 1 is Robben of tennis table

  • Sidney Koivu 3 years ago

    Holy shit, i wish i was tht good

  • Jon Jay 3 years ago

    No.2 was my personal fave. All 10 of these are amazing though.

  • Table Tennis Master 3 years ago


  • Nic Walsh 3 years ago

    table tennis is an awesome sport

  • Alex Gerulaitis 3 years ago


  • Strausse12 3 years ago


  • MrCRiIPT 3 years ago

    Ma long wang hao?
    My Long Wang Hoe