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  • MMA WOZ 3 years ago

    Congrats to pal Joe Riggs for getting that UFC banner once again!!! Joe
    fights Sept 16, 2014 in Brazil!!

  • Silwer Agentum 3 years ago

    One thing with this show(Fight Master) that was very irritating was the red
    teams coach that never could shut up ever, i guess trying to fool the
    “OOOOH! thats was a good kick there that you just hit with, thats gonna
    leave a mark, beutiful work!!!”
    On and on and on forever, i mean i understand that they is supposed to
    coach their fighters, but screaming like some kind of referetor about what
    supposedly just happened is not coaching.

    This show was not so well balanced a lot of the fighter was totally
    mismatched, who did not understand that Joe Riggs here would be able to

  • Wayland C 3 years ago

    Dominating performance. I would’ve liked to see a finish though. 

  • erik crook 3 years ago

    just love joe rigs life story… you’r the best !

  • bigdanthetruckerman 3 years ago

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