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  • Cory Foster 4 years ago

    It’s upsetting to me that the Rams are so awful with retaining talent.
    Letting receivers walk for nothing and failing to resign those who are able
    to test free agency.
    Denario Alexander
    Brandon Lloyd
    Great Receivers all Better than All of our current receivers.
    Even Donnie Avery and Brandon Gibson.

  • calkinst6890 4 years ago

    i need to say one thing, and it’s not that the rams haven’t certainly taken
    and used the west coast offense, but it’s not like every other team hasn’t
    done it as well. With that being said anyone having a conversation about
    the the possibility for success happening for the 9ers being lacking are
    foolish. The 9ers will be a dominant force (health permitting) not just in
    the division, but are a deff contender to go back to the nfc championship
    and maybe even further.

  • titoortiz 4 years ago

    Lloyd was such a play maker. Wish he would stayed one more year.

  • Romano41189 4 years ago

    Can’t wait for the 2012 highlights! The Rams are back!

  • Music Uploaded Daily 4 years ago

    i didnt know the rams had a highlight in 2011 im a fan by the way

  • lax4lifee22 4 years ago

    please make a 2012 vid!

  • yrba1 4 years ago

    Why not?

  • 1bboy1998 4 years ago

    plz make a 2012-2013 season one if u can thk u

  • TheAmar36 4 years ago

    brockers can’t take double teams either and he looks like a tight end
    playing defensive tackle

  • EOD DEATHDEALER 4 years ago

    Correction, their O-line sucks.

  • TheJewballer 4 years ago


  • TheAmar36 4 years ago

    i would’ve taken riley reiff at 14

  • JazzFD14 4 years ago

    I go to the games. So bye !

  • curling27 4 years ago

    So at 14, who would you have picked? If not Brockers, I would have picked
    David DeCastro but I think Brockers is a good pick. He will call for double
    teams which will lead to 1 person being on Quinn and Long which means they
    will have big years. If Brockers isnt double teamed, he will flush the
    pocket which also lead to sacks from Long and Quinn.

  • Sean Russell 4 years ago

    Haha the rams suck I wish they were better

  • Jared Gaurano 4 years ago

    get outta here Lions fan

  • TheScorpio290 4 years ago

    5:14 did I just hear the Wilhelm scream?

  • yrba1 4 years ago

    Well I’ll take back what I’ve said earlier. Your first comment left a
    pretty bad impression to me so I used conformation bias to antagonize your
    team in any way I can. Best of luck with your team, glad to see you’re a
    friendly 9ers fan because I usually end up with ad hominem douchecanoes.
    Represent the NFC West and together, we’ll make this division look good.

  • Music Uploaded Daily 4 years ago

    danario alexander was awesome why did we ever get rid of him

  • ben bacon 4 years ago


  • 31jeffburton 4 years ago


  • FRANK WALLACE 4 years ago

    Alex took some HUGE steps last year & I think Alex will continue to do so
    under Jim Harbaughs system….Besides Defense win championships….SF has
    the best defense in the NFL period….!!!

  • thyALPHAmale 4 years ago

    i think the qb run with kellen clemens at 12:34 gave the 49ers the idea for
    to use a designed qb run with alex smith on his touchdown run vs the saints

  • Tyler Yan 4 years ago

    5:57 that guys wants his bounty pay

  • dovers44 4 years ago

    Bradford doesn’t suck the receivers do only danny amendola and the 2
    rookies are the only ones worth keeping