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  • EnigmaUnkown 4 years ago

    Novak is playing too much against Rafa and Roger. He has the habit of
    playing to enemy’s backhand as much as he can. Against Wawrinka it’s lethal
    cause his backhand is better than his forehand.

  • Barladeanu Leonard 4 years ago

    Djokovic = The boy in grey pijamals ? this match

  • MrSexyBitchezz 4 years ago

    Love the reactions of both Djokovic and Wawrinka in those 2 epic 5 setters.
    When Djokovic won, ripped his shirt off like he was superman or some shit
    and Stan just put his arms in the air. That’s how tennis should be, no
    carrying on until you can win the final

  • MaxFlare 4 years ago

    Wawrinka is relentless. Before even the match started, just by looking at
    Wawrinka’s body language, I knew that Djoko was in big trouble.

  • george orwell 4 years ago

    Very hard to lose a match like that, but djoko keeps his head up and
    congratulates his opponent! Good sportmanship!

  • Davey Tube 4 years ago

    I love the way Boris stands up during this match, hands in pockets,
    eyeballing Novak attempting some jedi knight magic.

  • apollos78tube 4 years ago

    Excellent match. Even though I don’t speak French I loved the commentators
    too! ooh la la!!!

  • lamsomebody1 4 years ago

    The commentators in Euro talk to much ._.

  • joe schmo 4 years ago

    Le smash!

  • Ollie01113 4 years ago

    The French love the sound of their own voices, why can’t they shut up
    during play?

  • alfred coner 4 years ago

    Im surprised to see that djokovic doesnt have any back problems or other
    physical issues . His game is extremely physical , he doesnt have any
    tactics , strategy or special weapons in his game . His main attribute is
    his ability to return all the balls u throw at him until his opponent got
    choked !!

    So to be able to do this kind of physical game he needs something special
    to put in his stomach lol

  • Jake Monderen 4 years ago

    is it just me, or do other people find djoker’s reactions a bit arrogant
    and over the top? i’m so happy stan won this match (and the aus open). such
    a class act.

  • Maria Sao Barbosa 4 years ago

    Go Wawrinka till the final, you deserve it!!!!!

  • Joe Shin 4 years ago

    stan the man

  • Ebenezer G. 4 years ago

    Such a sweet point at 4:13 :)

  • nicolas valencia 4 years ago


  • abbas akhoundi 4 years ago

    this djokovic is faster,stronger and hit the ball cleaner then the djokovic
    who on this in 2012 but for some reason he did not take any risk .I watched
    the whole match and only sa one winner return off of a second serve.in 2012
    he was hitting low percentage shots and was going for it.that being said
    stan totally deserved to win this one,he served very well and stay with
    novak in the 5th until he got the chance. I think he will in this
    australian open if he faces federer or murray but not nadal.and I am not
    saying it cuz I am a nadal fan but because of the match-up .

  • NoelAndres17 4 years ago

    Respect for Djokovic. Always a gentleman, win or lose.

  • Merekaseganilmu Merekamalasbaca 4 years ago

    tough lose, no doubt, rest well djokovic, 

  • Aza Za 4 years ago

    Australia loves you djokovic wawrinka has nothing on you

  • ninza9 4 years ago

    Wawrinka vs Federer would be a great final.

  • andygaro1 4 years ago

    Stan’s one hand backhand…especially the crosscourt one…has improved
    dramatically….makes djoko’s silly 2hander looks like it comes from
    muscles made out of mozzarella cheese !! haha WOWRINKA !!!!

  • kimmy berlyan susanto 4 years ago

    i dont hate djoko but i love wawrinka more

  • AndyRoddick70 4 years ago

    Stan’s genitalia grew a little bit after winning this match…