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  • Randy Dubin 3 years ago

    With all respect to Dale, Sr., He’s just like me whenever I get in trouble;
    When you get caught, either blame somebody else, deny it and/or play the
    victim card. ;-D

  • FrodothePuppet 3 years ago

    This isn’t an anti-Earnhardt statement (Dale was the man!), but I think
    that any avoidable contact (intentional or not) that results in a spin or
    crash for the innocent car (Sacks in this case) should result in a one lap
    penalty and to the tail end of the longest line. Basically, if the pass
    can’t made without disastrous contact, keep your position. Be professional.
    I didn’t know that this happened so late in the race (Lap 327). Great side
    -by-side with Irvan and Gordon.

  • HarvestmanMan 3 years ago

    Turn on captions. It just makes the video all the more awesome.

  • accursedarachnid 3 years ago

    @stickmansamsmith Wallace fan here. And after seeing him tag Wallace out of
    the way a few times, I can honestly say that was an air off the spoiler
    deal there. No damage on the right front of Earnhardt or the left rear of
    Sacks. Earnhardt was not a thug or a cheat. He was a hard racer. He made a
    few mistakes in his time. But every racer does. The difference was,
    Earnhardt always had the spotlight on him because of his rep. Kyle Busch
    races about the same. One HUGE difference between them: Class

  • LT1HILLINGHOE 3 years ago

    That was the real pass in the grass right there. Earnhardt has never or
    never will have an equal in Cup racing. Racing is a joke now with all these
    big no talents out there. Nascar will be the next Hockey. No one wants to
    see it anymore.

  • LT1HILLINGHOE 3 years ago

    @FrodothePuppet Why don’t they just put grannies in the driver’s seat too?
    Or they could slow them down to highways speeds just to make it better?
    Racing is about being fast and being aggressive. If a driver needs the
    sanctioning body to give him some racing welfare then he better get his
    sorry butt off the track. Case closed.

  • Max Jones 3 years ago

    I disagree, I think there is a lot of talent in Nascar right now. They are
    just marketing the wrong idiots. Why are they promoting Danica Patrick so
    much when they should be building anticipation for good drivers like
    Johnson, Keselowski, and even Earnhardt Jr.? It’s because she’s a woman,
    but there is better skill in the field

  • jimbobv4 3 years ago

    This was the beginning of “aero loose” which only got worse with the 1995
    Monte Carlo through today

  • Jeff Rogers 3 years ago

    o Look another car Eranhardt Crashed!