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  • Take Detour 4 years ago

    Jimmy Conners is the greatest tennis player of all time. I really miss his
    game. I miss Monica Seles too.

  • rkinwatauga 4 years ago

    I remember this Us Open watching it with my family , and it was one of the
    best. Of course we all remember Jimbo and the amazing run he put on. But,
    looking at the faces of those who won and lost and were there in 1991 just,
    to me at least, demonstrates true champions, true competitors and the
    timeless element of sportsmanship which was displayed by all.

  • Kirk Diggler 4 years ago

    The music sounds like something even John Tesh would laugh at.

  • spirg 4 years ago

    Best was courier taking Sampras out in qtrs in Straights

  • donaldbma 4 years ago

    “Flight of Fantasy” by Yanni – a beautiful song…

  • Spursrule1969 4 years ago

    Oh for the days when tennis had characters!!

  • pablotjob 4 years ago

    the music???

  • nizzam1 4 years ago

    tnx moon tigress this video brought bak so many great tennis memories, the
    late 80s and early 90s was a memorable era with the likes of lendl,
    wilander, mcenroe, connors, then becker, edberg, courier, agassi, sampras,
    and chang those were great times

  • Thetoughestweight1 4 years ago

    This music sends shivers down my spine, and the images are the best
    memories of my life.

  • Luke St-Clair 4 years ago

    At 1:23, Who’s the player hitting the net with his racquet?

  • Dave Stratton 4 years ago

    Thanks for putting this on! I watched a lot of this US Open back then. It
    was memorable….with so many moments. Jimmy Connors! Like him or not, a
    real showman and isn’t it all about entertainment anyway? Wow…………

  • bealestbluesss 4 years ago

    oh I said to myself that sound’s like yanni and sure enough..thanks I be a
    tennis and Yanni fan:)