These are boxing highlights from the 1988 Seoul Korea Summer Olympics. Fighters featured are Roy Jones, Jr., Ray Mercer, Riddick Bowe, Michael Carbajal, Kenny Gould, Andrew Maynard, Kennedy.
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  • ilovethe80sdude 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting this. The 1988 U.S. Olympic boxing team has a special
    place in my heart. It’s the last great U.S. Olympic boxing team.

  • sinusbradycardia 3 years ago

    I seen Mwema fight once as a pro against Fast Eddie Cook. He floored Cook
    and then was ko’ed with one punch.

  • Randy Dubin 3 years ago

    One of the most controversial boxing tournaments in Olympic history in not
    in Amateur Boxing history. Thanks for the UL!

  • ytliang345 3 years ago

    only a knock out could secure a win against them

  • rainbowvegaschamp 3 years ago

    ESPN or HBO should interview Ray Mercer, Roy Jones, Riddick Bowe, Kennedy
    Mckinney and Carbajal all on the same show. I would love to hear their
    thoughts on their 1988 experience in Soul especially after Roy got Robbed.
    Obviously Kennedy Mckinney, Roy Jones and Riddick Bowe all had very
    successful careers as professional fighters. Bowe, Jones and Mckinney all
    are Hall of Fame fighters….

  • Dobri Dasman 3 years ago

    they stole Jones’ gold medal !

  • cnuffs 3 years ago

    I remember when the red received the votes jones/park si-Hun fight, the ref
    just grabbed the ropes n shook his head. Even the ref knew he was robbed

  • benjie414 3 years ago

    a knock out in olympic boxing is pretty freakin’ good. that biased judging
    on a few of the bouts really sucks.

  • crazyben108 3 years ago

    awee dude those koreans who got their ass kicked and standing 8 counts n
    still won r such assholes those young men from the other countrys work from
    5-8 in the morning in boxing and do daily life n work out in the evening
    and really do bust their ass n end up not winning the gold they obviously
    deserved and rightly fully earned. gahh those guys who didnt win r
    champions in my book tho

  • DJ Marc Antomattei 3 years ago

    Ray Mercer got revenge for Roy Jones Jr.

  • teddy jones 3 years ago

    andrew maynard is my coach!

  • puertorricane 3 years ago

    Cubans didnt participate if they had they wouldve won like 8 gold medals

  • meynard1 3 years ago

    @taaaaakaaaaa why didn´t they just take the one park had?

  • crazyben108 3 years ago

    This is REAL FIGHTING! LITERALLY! you wouldnt plan on two people on the
    street fighting mma but they would throw punches and those r what is what
    everyone knows how to do throw a punch but when ur trained from the day ur
    7 years old to ur 23 yrs old goin to the olympics ur a fucking badass and
    ur reallly fighting ur hitting eachother so hard not going down when ur
    hurt standing up weathering a storm of punches and ur on the ropes. thats
    fighting this is real and true fighting.

  • sinusbradycardia 3 years ago

    Jones vs Hun was the worst decision in boxing history, amateur or pro. Had
    that fight occurred in 92 or later, Hun would have lost due to stoppage.

  • Phil B 3 years ago

    The last great year in US Olympic Boxing. Roy Jones robbery was the worst
    thing to happen in amauter boxing after it came the computer score system
    which killed amauter boxing forever. Jones, Carbajal, Bowie, and McKinney
    the best pro fighters out of these games!!

  • 715mr 3 years ago

    I thinkmy trainer michael carbajal should of won the gold