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  • doritos003 3 years ago

    Picked Sam Bowie over Jordan
    Picked Greg Oden over Kevin Durant
    Picked Brandon Roy over Rudy Gay, and Rajon Rondo
    Portland has a talent for picking busted players…
    Though they did get lucky with Lillard 

  • cedric uy 3 years ago


  • riderhomie 3 years ago

    Boy did they fuck up with Bowie

  • Chris A 3 years ago

    Biggest draft day steal of all-time. Sam bowie is better than jordan
    because he was taller. Now beat that. 

  • Robbie Brown 3 years ago

    The elevator music is classic 

  • Don Johnson 3 years ago

    Portland picking Bowie was a Ba-Ba-BOOEY.

  • triple double homicide 3 years ago


  • Johny Kilroy 3 years ago

    People fail to realize that Portland wanted to recreate a one-two punch
    like Kareem-Magic and Bird-Mchale. Even the commentators agreed that Bowie
    was a good pick and that he was healthy after playing one full season.

  • stab2122 3 years ago

    Sam Bowie wasn’t a scrub, he just couldn’t stay healthy…

  • turner 3 years ago

    fuck off he was plagued with injuries

  • rawproductions08 3 years ago

    top right = beats audio

  • iamhungey12345 3 years ago

    Actually he was slated to play in 1980 when the boycott happened.

  • Zack Silva 3 years ago

    dude bowie obviously turned out to be a HUGE bust! so how was that the
    right pick? portland could of picked anyone else in that draft and it would
    be a better pick than bowie… you sir are an idiot if you think bowie was
    the right pick… worst 2nd pick ever in nba history!

  • jaranarm 3 years ago

    Definitely a Hall of Famer if not for the injuries. Everyone needs to check
    out the ESPN documentary ‘Going Big’. It’s about Sam and it’s on my channel
    if you haven’t seen it.

  • thispoorguy 3 years ago

    Blazers had 2 bad centers, plus no depth at point guard, Bowie happened to
    be a player who could play both. Too bad they didn’t just pick Barkley. The
    Blazers already had a future hall of famer at shooting guard,
    Drexler.Looking back on it, they could have put one of them at foward and
    the other at guard, but I think they were more concerned with the lack of
    any good big guys on the team.

  • joker12346969 3 years ago

    But since he plays for Portland, he’s probably going to get a severe injury
    like Brandon Roy

  • Pill Box 3 years ago

    oh well, better than the oden draft, at least bowie gave portland something

  • 21SPICY 3 years ago

    if i had clyde, kobe, magic johnson, larry bird, lebron james, and kevin
    durant….AND I REALLY NEEDED A CENTER…..id still draft Micheal jordan
    over Sam Bowie.

  • Adder Birdo 3 years ago

    boy those portland scouts really know what they are doing, this is what
    happens when you go for need instead of best available player

  • EmperorJBO 3 years ago

    People miss the point: Bowie just came back from a fracture left leg shin
    bone. I agree that if they didn’t draft MJ, if they were in need of a great
    rebounder, they should have drafted Barkley.

  • themanthedog 3 years ago

    I bet Drexler is the reason they didn’t take Jordan. Bowie was a major flop.

  • insultmeplease 3 years ago

    Better shooter really? Mj averaged 28.2 point per games in his first season
    and had a 51.5 fgp as opposed to Clyde’s 49.4 and 7,7 ppg as a rookie and
    17,2 in the 84-85 season, So yes you should really kill yourself!!!!!!

  • poetmm 3 years ago

    that is so true but i wish jordan didn’t retire the first time i wonder if
    houston would of won two years straight

  • David Huff 3 years ago

    i said take Jordan.

  • charlie lee 3 years ago

    yep. akeem is the top college player at that time, imagine if they drafted
    mj then portland drafted akeem, a prime sampson and jordan against an up
    and coming superstars in drexler and olajuwon