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  • Edgar Hightower 3 years ago

    Who are the unheralded players?????? Its like a HOF game.

  • Brian Rapp 3 years ago

    1976 big wilt chamberlan was my state beach laker hero with chick Hearn
    Paul rapp my bitchin usc dad directed go for it with big wilt for me and
    Marta hersh my delmar surf girl canyonlocalfilmscom beat the Celtics 

  • David Hammond 3 years ago

    At 6’7′ Larry bird would have his way with Rick Barry .Larry would dominate
    him completely Of course Larry had his way with everyone they threw at him

  • Bobbi McAdoo 3 years ago

    Fantastic to watch; I wish someone had a tape of the 4th quarter and Dr.
    J’s dunk from the FT line. Wilt was an old man at this time yet he still
    outplayed Gilmore, which is pretty amazing. Oscar could do pretty much
    whatever he wanted to on the court, which you can see in this tape. Willie
    Wise has a bad shooting night, and Rick Barry plays some great D. Love the

  • Tamentonen Hageshi 3 years ago

    Archie Clark with the old school NBA crossover. Nate Archibald beasted this
    whole game.

  • Vl Zh 3 years ago

    это щидевр

  • Scott Reed 3 years ago

    There have been many comments regarding how “slow” the players looked.
    First, they didn’t have anywhere near the quality of footware in 1972 as
    today. Those guys, for the most part, played in Chuck Taylor Converse. They
    could not cut and move like today’s players. In those days, players
    dribbled straight up/down because they’d be called for palming the ball.
    That call doesn’t exist now. 

  • BABA LALA 3 years ago

    why is there a 3 point line

  • J StarStar 3 years ago

    This should have been the final training camp scrimmage for the 1972 U.S.
    Olympic team. C: Wilt/Kareem/Gilmore PF: DeBusschere/Issel. SF: Hawkins/Dr.
    J./Barry. SG: Havlicek. PG: Oscar/Archibald.

    Gold Medal Final: USA 257, USSR 46.

  • itsspideyman 3 years ago

    I remember going to a New Orleans Jazz game and had the greatest experience
    a fan could ever have….I met Kevin Loughery at Pat O’Brien’s, shook his
    hand and bought him a beer. I was talking to him about Bernard King (a
    rookie) when Hot Rod Hunley and Rod Thorn walked in. I spent an hour
    talking basketball with them and having a great time. Hot Rod asked me to
    ask Rod Thorn if it was true he was the third best player to come out of
    West Virginia (Jerry West and Hunley were from West Virginia). I did and
    Rod Thorn pointed to Hunley and said “You put him up to that!”….Like I
    said, my greatest moment as a fan.

  • Edwin Atlas 3 years ago

    I was there! We actually walked a mile from my house in Hempstead, NY to
    see the game. Afterwards I got autographs from Connie Hawkins, Julius,
    Rick Barry and others.

  • urbanradionation 3 years ago

    Wilt was 35 when this game was played and wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All
    Stars!!! Who can’t see how Wilt could’ve scored 100 points in a game?
    Julius Erving was the best player on the court. Clearly. Should have played
    more. Wasn’t the coach for the ABA his coach for the Virginia Squires? Wilt
    and Doc top 5 all time. Too many people compare league championships to
    individual ability as a basketball player. With that thinking the best all
    time players should be all Celtics and Lakers. Remember Elgin Baylor never
    really won a championship. He retired 9 games into the 1971-72 season. The
    announcers considered him the best all around player at the time. Jerry
    West and the (Los Angeles) Lakers didn’t win one until Wilt got there. 

  • tunanorth 3 years ago

    Yup, remember the game on TV well.
    Dr. J jumped OVER Connie Hawkins twice for dunks near the end of the 4th
    Quarter to give the ABA the lead.
    Everyone was in shock, were wondering if he was human.
    Chamberlain goes in for Lanier, blocks The Doctor twice in a row, NBA
    narrowly ekes out win.

  • Geo Cooper 3 years ago

    That pass by Tiny around 1:13:40 or so was too cold! 

  • Davan Mani 3 years ago

    The ABA had the 3 pt line, NBA didn’t. For this game, it was agreed for use
    by the teams. Oscar Robertson wasn’t the same player after 1965. He was
    involved in legal issues against the NBA. He was constantly going to court.
    The NBA tried to harass him for It and it drove him to alcohol. The players
    today benefit from his legal actions for better salaries, market choice,
    playing conditions, and legal protection.

  • MrGoldenthroat 3 years ago

    Doc is the greatest all-around player who ever lived!! I’ll never forget
    you, Julius!!

  • Dennis Daly 3 years ago

    The Dr. jumped over “The Big O” …. and Jammed it. As far as leaping over
    “The Hawk” He elevated higher than for sure. Hawkins after prison and later
    in his career….much of Connie’s legs were shot by then. He played more
    basketball on concrete than many of the other players combined. Just as an
    FYI and to set the historical record straight Oscar was almost 6’6 and
    played a very deliberate style always totally under control. Sure some of
    the speedier guards 6′ players and such were quicker than The Big O.
    However his defensive instincts were fantastic. There is a world of
    ignorance displayed in the comments. The biggest mouths out there Most out
    there never saw these guys in their prime. I did.

  • eric hayes 3 years ago

    I was 12 and wondered why ‘J’ wasn’t in the game more and why my man Roger
    Brown wouldn’t shoot more.

  • Mark Sifuentes 3 years ago
  • Veritas Vincit 3 years ago

    where was billy cunningham for this one? He was an all-star no doubt this
    season..also all nba 2nd team

  • Spade 3 years ago

    Hot rod hundley is a fucking drunk. I would often see him stumbling around
    bars in Salt Lake City. What a slob

  • steveditko1 3 years ago

    Great stuff! Could you imagine if Kareem played and they played him with
    Wilt at the same time? That would’ve been the greatest twin towers combo

  • Johnny Caretaker 3 years ago

    Wow…..All my idols as a youth. Gilmore vs. Chamberlin…Doesn’t get any
    better than this. Dr.J was my all time favorite.

  • Bill Morrison 3 years ago

    Oscar was SLOW, SLOW, SLOW.

  • Tarun Pasumarthi 3 years ago

    that granny style free-throw shooting tho. 22:30