15 Hottest women in MMA

These are the 15 hottest women in MMA according to ProMMAInsider.com. Fighters have to of fought in the last year and be actual MMA fighters. So people like …
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  • stupidreligionz 4 years ago

    you found the worst “song” alive on earth to make a video. good job

  • rockodoggy 4 years ago

    really tate #10 horrible list see is way hotter than that

  • titanskickarse 4 years ago

    Not a bad list. But you missed rose numajunas and she is fine!

  • detroit12870 4 years ago

    right women, wrong order douche bag! How you gonna put rousey and tate
    down so low?

  • Siren TheRocker 4 years ago

    nicely put 2gether

  • Stop!Drop!Roland! 4 years ago

    the only hot one here i see is jordan mcdonald

  • Beer Drank Shawty 4 years ago

    why is Ronda Rousey on this list?

  • Hunter Azaola 4 years ago

    Ronda got a killer looks.

  • whoisbrucewayne 4 years ago

    Cat zingano is manly,almost as bad as cyborg.Tate should be in the top 3
    just because of her ass alone.I know why gina isnt on the list but as far
    as looks go she is GOAT.

  • jiero115 4 years ago

    rowdy kills

  • ForeverChiTonight 4 years ago

    Forgot Tess

  • mattnagatni 4 years ago

    Just heard rousy got 29 spot on maxims hot 100….wtf I can think of many
    girls just in mma that are way hotter yet they dont get a spot but she
    does? I dnt even think she should be on this top 15 list

  • Jazzy Jeff 4 years ago

    what about gina carano?

  • littlerush99 4 years ago

    This is exactly what im saying about T&A promoting. I dont mind it at all.
    But this is what sells tickets. The maxim magazines, lockeroom pic’s and
    skimpy outfits. So i wonder would people buy tickets, if they were not
    attractive? So dont say its about fighting ability. I believe if Ms.Rousey
    wasnt attractive, she would have played out a long time ago. Its her sex
    appeal, plain and simple.

  • megasif 4 years ago

    I am not blind. Did Shinobi msg me?

  • SomeGuyDoingStuff 4 years ago

    She has plenty of souls.. ones she has stole. LOL

  • Jazzy Jeff 4 years ago

    you said “the deuce that posted it probably deleted it.” where i come from,
    deuce is another name for shit. and i dont know how you can judge these
    ladies at all without knowing them. i dont know how you can say any of them
    are not nice. i have dealt with many of them quite frequently, and they
    have almost all been absolutely nice as can be. it seems like you just have
    anger issues towards women

  • GrandMasterBrent 4 years ago

    I feel like you short changed Rousey and Tate

  • Matt Heredia 4 years ago

    I may be burned at the stake for saying this, but I do not fight Felice
    Herring attractive in the least, she just does not do it for me

  • deepelements 4 years ago

    I don’t know if its the fact that these girls are tough as hell or the fact
    that they all have the guts to get in that octagon. But to me they are all
    fucking goddesses Modern day female gladiators. And I don’t care what order
    you put them in because to me watching them is just fucking EPIC!! If I had
    to pick a favorite it would be Cat and yea I know 90% of you don’t think
    she is that pretty but I love her and she has such a big heart. Ronda is
    hot and powerful looking her man is fucking lucky.

  • bennAybwoii 4 years ago

    what’s wrong? chinky can’t read? lmao oh the irony….

  • John Kang 4 years ago

    Racist asshole!! Michelle is Thai!! Thai!! There are other Asians other
    Japanese or Chinese asshole!!

  • Chalmich5 4 years ago

    I think he has the list backwards LOL

  • Clockwork2011 4 years ago

    Felice at #14? She should be higher

  • ADZ01982 4 years ago

    How come you aint got Fallon Fox on this muthafucker ?