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  • NoOneLikesGoogleFuckingPlus 3 years ago

    Damn, Bigfoot really can take a hit. How did he survive that? Refused to go
    down no matter what.

  • Tuatara Taniwha 3 years ago

    mark hunt is a bad bad mother fucker

  • Plexpara 3 years ago

    i hate to see when dudes take 100 punches in face and just dont
    fall.drugs…they feel no pain ect.this sucks.its like….let the best
    druges win,and not the best fighter.

  • Clarify Red 3 years ago

    Good for boxing. But sloppy for mixed. How did he beat silva again? Lol.

  • sergio teixeira 3 years ago

    i`d like too see this Man, against Junior dos Santos….

  • BruceBlitzHasTits 3 years ago

    surprisingly tough for a samoan! good on him

  • Gabriel Castro L. 3 years ago

    excellent fight, seeing this I realize q’m still an amateur.

  • Ly Sing 3 years ago

    the last fight is so emotional. for the last fight, why paid the guys who
    risked their lives so much less than Ployd who comes to ring box, run, run,
    run, run, box, run? 

  • marcel patulacci 3 years ago

    a part avec un 357 magnum , je vois pas comment stopper un monstre pareil!!
    impressionnant !!!! :-)

  • schnookimz 3 years ago

    HOLY SHIT! that dude in the green and gold took some fucken solid

  • Батор Базаров 3 years ago

    почему раньше не видел его боев?

  • MrTratiLL 3 years ago

    Ебланы тупые, наряду со зрелищем человеческая жизнь для них ничто. Ну а
    бойцы как мясо для них. Уебанская индустрия.

  • Rogue Archer 3 years ago

    fucking beast!

  • Andre Ellis 3 years ago


  • willian Lopez 3 years ago

    Pride 4 ever

  • Tru Rudboi 3 years ago

    Those cornacopia kicks that look real cool, and devastate as well, And
    tae kwon doe maybe. Sorry if I spelled Tai kwan do wrong.

  • EXQD2 3 years ago

    extremem punching power!!! i really hope he takes the belt

  • MMAh00lligan 3 years ago

    Bigfoot Silva was such a dumbass to lose that fight, his BJJ skills were
    far superior and he could have easily dominated Hunt.

  • Johnny Cage 3 years ago

    If your not a fan of mark hunt you will be after this

  • The CHICANO 3 years ago

    He can’t beat The super Mexican CAIN VELASQUEZ BROWN PRIDE not cain will
    destroy this guy

  • Pope Francis 3 years ago

    I’d like to see this guy fight Cain Velazquez they both pretty much the
    same style. That would be a fight. Fedor beat this guy Mark yet he got beat
    by big fool Silva. Will never understand that one.

  • xNAJAFx 3 years ago

    Great fighter. Hunt vs Sefo is legendary.
    Mark have won some and lost some. He can take a defeat like a man.

  • willian Lopez 3 years ago


  • Tru Rudboi 3 years ago

    OMG! Whilst JMFDO! That was one of the most impressive displays of raw
    power I’ve ever seen. So if you can avoid the heymakers, and train for
    explosive foot work to dodge and get behind this guy for a choke, if you
    train your normal routine for this guy your going to get schooled. Toe to
    toe? More like toe to face. not happening 

  • benjamin reedy 3 years ago

    the Heavy weight division needs to be changed into 20 pound or 0
    kg increments