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  • Sycothic LazE Boi 3 years ago

    Do A Benson Henderson Highlight Video

  • Armin Sturm 3 years ago

    does he have legs made out of concrete,how can someone have such brutal leg

  • SCARFACE ALDO - FJ24 3 years ago


  • Kyle Mehlfelder 3 years ago

    what is this where they are allowed to kick the opponent on the ground ?

  • Addy Mantium 3 years ago

    Is it true that Aldo got that scar because he was gay…?

  • Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) 3 years ago

    THE thing that strikes me the most of jose aldo is the way he kicks. His
    kicks are like if he were to be swinging at someone with 2 steel bars
    goddamn do I need to make my legs like that. 

  • shitty bill 3 years ago

    him and mcgregor plz

  • Polo Vazquez 3 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Lucky Giles III 3 years ago

    how can you compare fighters? if your a true mma fan and really know the
    sport then you can see that jose and conor are complete opposites but so is
    weidman and silva but looked what happened.

  • Josh Schmidt 3 years ago

    Though he has slown down, i still can’t see anybody in that div beating
    him. He’s that far ahead of the competition

  • Shrek mate 3 years ago

    Jose’s explosiveness will knock connor out cold, but connor is still a
    dangerous man.

  • FXCKED PLANET 3 years ago

    Jose is smart and quick, good fighter.

  • Oskar Ahling 3 years ago

    Do speed on the video 0:25 and you might see hes kicks ;)

  • Conor Mcgregor 3 years ago

    Where you at aldo?

  • Tom Evans 3 years ago

    Chad Mendes said “He’s plateaued as a fighter, i don’t see any improvement
    since we fought. TJ dominated Barao, it’s my turn to do the same to Aldo.”
    Jose’s reply was “He’s arrogant to think that way, Barao is a good athlete,
    Jose Aldo is a DIFFERENT athlete.” I have to say i see far less holes in
    Aldo’s game, and he’s the last Brazilian champion.. He is going to be in
    serious title defense mode i wouldn’t be surprised to see him at his very
    best. If Chad Mendes or Conor McGregor want that belt, as good as they both
    are, i really think they will have to pull some amazing shit to beat this

  • Janderline Rodrigues 3 years ago

    Simplesmente Jose Aldo….

  • DarthRambo 3 years ago

    Don frye highlight please

  • Alex Skywalker 3 years ago


  • Farid Amin 3 years ago

    This guy is undoubtedly the best fighter in the world in his division. An
    absolute annihilation machine 

  • Ford SVT 3 years ago

    Aldo is great, from rag 2 riches but still a quiet fighter just like Fedor.
    Really like to see him move up weight class so his true potential will
    shine even brighter. 

  • Jdinero702 3 years ago

    & conor thinks he’s beating this guy lol he ain’t poirer.

  • Trevor D 3 years ago

    Gilbert Melendez next. If you already have it I can’t find it. 

  • pol veca 3 years ago

    Brutal ! Gran luchador !

  • 21boomslang 3 years ago

    good job champ!

  • Riku Pirinen 3 years ago

    How about tom “stoneface” niinimaki?