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  • F Butler 3 years ago

    Finally, the new trend in tennis introduced by the Williams sisters is
    evolving: POWER as portrayed by Petra. No finesse just power and good
    serves are the two things that the Williams sisters have enjoyed for years
    and it’s finally taking hold for the rising stars.

  • Inediblehulk 3 years ago

    THis was a Mary Pierce v Graf in FO semis in ’94 (which as a Graf fan
    HURT!) performance. I don’t think anyone could’ve withstood this barrage.
    It was simply devastating. 

  • Najee Britt 3 years ago

    Bouchard is just like Caroline wozniacki lol she just overhyped

  • ucdlin 3 years ago

    lol what is this a first round match? WTA is pretty bad to let bouchard
    make the semis for the last 3 grand slams. cmon Li Na sheesh 

  • Andrew Simpson 3 years ago

    I watched the tape and I wonder did Eugenie practice with a hitting partner
    who is left handed? Seems to me Eugenie can’t handle Petra’s left handed

  • GracefulDanny 3 years ago

    Bouchard is so useless, and the media hype around her is unbearable.

    So glad real talent came through in the end!

  • Zona Parks 3 years ago

    who would win: serena at australian open 2007 final against sharapova vs
    kvitova at wimbledon final against bouchard. That would ball striking not
    meant for womens tennis

  • NamelessPoster 3 years ago

    Very nice highlights:)

    I noticed that for once, Kvitova’s entourage isn’t WEIRD: EVERYBODY she
    hugged seemed nice, emotional and truly supportive. No devious eyes, no
    money-hungry coaches, no bizarre domineering daddy or creepy mom…
    She must be the only person (or one of the very few) in professional
    tennis with a NICE team.

  • sperrotta91 3 years ago

    Remember watching this on the day. I knew who the better player was but
    jesus, I expected more from Bouchard…

  • Spludda 3 years ago

    Kvitova was amazing in 2011, her game was so flowing with incredible timing
    and feel. Then it seemed that the after winning wimbledon some of the
    natural feel was lost, the weight of expectation being too much. And now we
    see her at her best again… I really hope she can hold on to this form as
    she’s an astounding player. The power doesn’t come from athleticism or
    physical strength, it’s all timing and perfect weight transfer.

  • Andrew Simpson 3 years ago

    Bouchard coach did not help her with the strategy you got to try something
    different if you are losing a match.

  • SafiMaestro13 3 years ago

    Well I am Czech and I watch her pretty often and I have to say – when she
    has her day, when she is on form – no one could beat her. Her strength is
    just insane for women tennis :)
    However, she has also days when she can lose to a 100th player in 2 sets ;)

  • Jalen Walker 3 years ago

    I would really love to see the outcome of a match featuring this Kvitova
    and Serena. Kvitova really possesses a game that should be a threat to any
    player but what she lacks is the consistency. She really isn’t able to play
    at a high level throughout a full calendar year. Of course, she was hot
    during this Wimbledon run but other than that she hasn’t really done much
    which is a surprise. In 2011 she reached #2 in the world and I thought to
    myself, this girl is going to get to #1 and take the tour by storm. I’m
    still waiting for this prophecy to come true. With Vika at a decline,
    Serena struggling to find form, and Sharapova lucking very rusty you would
    think Kvitova would step it up a bit…

  • Bud Morries 3 years ago

    Bouchard reminds me too much of Wozniacki. A steady player with no big
    weapons to really do some damage. I think that the hype went to her head a
    little too soon with the potential to equal Sharapova in terms of
    endorsements. She’s a very hard worker and is the first Canadian woman to
    get to a GS final. Plus she’s younger than SLoane who has plateaued and
    isn’t making any progress at all now….Kvitova was too much for her but I
    think that Kvitova is a disappointment because she should be on GS
    #4 already. She’s with Radek who was still married to Vaidisova. SHe should
    dump him and focus on her tennis. Still this is a good win for Kvitova

  • MikkelJankovic 3 years ago

    this match is a work of art by Petra. I can just watch it over and over and
    over again…

  • Majkl743 3 years ago

    after the last point Petra received less applause than Genie after few

  • bob girth 3 years ago

    What I don’t like is that Chris Evert is always supporting the power
    hitting players with their attacking style and winner just like Bouchard
    and Sharapova. In her commentaries, I found how bias she is for power
    players when she herself was never the type of player to overpower someone.
    I ought to suppose that she would support pushers some more credit than she
    does now.

  • Au revoir 3 years ago

    Kvitova needs to learn how to play like this ALL the time. She has career
    grand slam written all over her when she’s at her best.

  • dtv2031 3 years ago

    Did Bouchard steal her boyfriend or something? Because this was ruthless.
    Good to see Kvitova playing with confidence.

  • gamerzrthebest 3 years ago

    You make the best tennis highlights ever! 

  • KlystronOscillator 3 years ago

    These highlights are much better than the others!

  • Lendale Johnson 3 years ago

    Thanks for the highlights!

  • taiwan taipei 3 years ago

    commentators sound depressed… just f*ck off

  • ctn04132 3 years ago

    glad Petra shut those idiotic ESPN commentators up, especially that moronic
    bimbo Chris “can’t analyze modern tennis for shit” Evert